Before It’s Too Late

“What do I say?” “How do I handle it if I find out my teen is having sex?” “What does it mean that my teen has been diagnosed with an STD?” Dr. Overton offers a fresh perspective and medical expertise in this thoughtful, comprehensive guide. With medically accurate facts, interactive tools, positive tips, and specific advice, Before It’s Too Late, A Parent’s Guide on Teens, Sex, and Sanity teaches parents about:

  • Trends in teen sexual behavior -understanding what’s changed
  • Teen pregnancy – individual and societal impact, prevention strategies
  • STDs among teens – how to stop the epidemic
  • Teens and abstinence – key issues
  • Birth control and teens -myths, methods, and barriers
  • Communicating with kids about sex – practical advice

Before It’s Too Late lowers parents’ anxiety and strengthens their confidence in their ability to teach their kids about sexual health and to guide them toward healthy, responsible, and values-based decision making.