Most parents and their teens dread “the talk” and so often it doesn’t happen, or it is a one-time awkward conversation that may be something like—“Don’t have sex!” Yet many teens rely on their parents for both factual and moral guidance as they navigate the often rocky and highly charged teen years. What keeps parents from providing this critical information and guidance? Often a lack of knowledge is behind adults’ discomfort.

Dr. Overton is aware of this conundrum and has created this must-have resource for parents—a comprehensive, medically accurate and non-judgmental guide to understanding teen behavior and how best to support healthy, empowered, and informed choices among our youth. Dr. Overton’s approach is pragmatic and accessible. Any parent, no matter the age of your child, can benefit from Before It’s Too Late. This is one book you’ll refer to over and over again.

Thank you Dr. Overton for taking the time to put so much critical information and solid advice in one place.

Patricia Paluzzi, DrPH, CNM
President and CEO
Healthy Teen Network

Parents should take the title of Dr. Overton’s book to heart: Parents who read Before It’s Too Late should be prepared to be motivated.  Most parents of teens say they know that they should talk to their kids about sex and related issues but don’t know what to say or when to say it.  Dr. Overton’s book provides harried parents with the tips and scripts they need to get the conversation started and to keep it going. Parents who read the book should also be prepared to…wait for it…breathe a sigh of relief.  When it comes to teens and sex, most headlines and reports suggest that the sky is falling.   Dr. Overton’s thoughtful analysis offers a different point of view—-her practical advice for parents is sober not salacious; informed not inflammatory; helpful not hysterical.

Sarah S. Brown, Senior Advisor and former CEO,                                                  National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Before It’s Too Late is packed with essential information that gives parents the vocabulary—and the confidence—to talk with their children about making healthy and values-based decisions concerning sex.  The perfect gift for every parent!

Brenda Rhodes Miller                                                                                           Executive Director, DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

There are harrowing and dismal statistics regarding the high rate of teen pregnancy in the United States and we have known for some time that teenage women who become pregnant are more likely to be affected by poverty and less likely to achieve their educational goals.  We will make strides towards decreasing the teen pregnancy rate when parents are able to sit down and have honest, realistic, medically accurate conversations about sex with their teens. Dr. Overton’s guide provides nonjudgmental information that will make it a valued and accessible resource for all parents.  This is an important and practical resource for parents.

Bliss Kaneshiro, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Hawaii

Before It’s Too Late by Sheila Overton, MD is an easy read for the parents, teachers, counselors, and those who have children in their lives. The quotes before each chapter makes a profound statement to the reader and set the mood for that chapter. Each heading sparked an interest for me to read more. I particularly like the advice based on real situations and conversations I would have with my teenage daughter and her friends.

The entire book is AWESOME, and I have highly recommended it to my friends, parents, teachers, and counselors. My favorite chapters are five and six because they take the foundation laid out in earlier chapters to the next level. These chapters also give promise to why Girls Inc. of Greater Austin (GIGA) provides programming for young girls ages 6 to 18: providing programming that inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold. Before It’s Too Late is a comprehensive, medically accurate guide that will complement GIGA’s parent component. It will also be used to spark conversations within our parent group.

Rashaanne N. Lewis
President & Chief Executive Officer
Girls Inc. of Greater Austin
Inspiring all girls to be STRONG, SMART, BOLD!

This is a book that EVERY Parent needs to read especially those raising teenagers! Many times parents don’t feel comfortable talking to their children about sex, teen pregnancy, STD, etc. but here’s a guide that will make you feel comfortable talking to your children plus it breaks the information down for all to understand. Your teenagers can now stop relying on their friends and these “reality shows” to learn about sex, instead they can learn from a reliable source…”YOU!” Kudos to the impressive author, Dr. Sheila Overton! I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Dr. Darlene V. Willis, C0-Founder of Empowering Parents, College Bound San Diego

Indie Soul Book Review: Before It’s Too Late- Shelia Overton,MD with Treacy Colbert

So you have seen the title of the book, Before It’s Too Late and you see that a Doctor is the author, Dr. Sheila Overton and you are wondering, what is this about? Here is your answer: What Parents Need to Know About Teen Pregnancy and STD Prevention. NOW, plenty of you are rolling your eyes and saying to yourself, ‘Well kids should not be having sex’ or ‘God said that no one should be having sex until they are married!’ There is nothing wrong with either of those statements. The truth of the matter is, realistically, Pre-Teens and Teens are having sex. There are many teens who come from homes where the parents just do not discuss sex. Even if you come from a religious background that does not mean that you can’t talk to your children or family members about sex. Think back to when you were young and be honest with yourself, how old were you when you or people you knew, were having sexual intercourse? Do you remember the feelings, desires, and emotions you were going through? How about that person in middle school or high school who had a child? It is no different today than it was for us growing up. The one thing that sets this generation of teens and the generations from the past: INTENSE PEER PRESSURE—-NOT just from the people they associate with, but from the entertainment presented by the media.

Let’s take a look at some sample lyrics of songs that kids are listening to:

Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne – “Motivation”:

“Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down
Go longer, you can last more rounds
Push harder, your almost there now
So go lover, make my mother proud
And when were done, I don’t wanna feel my legs
And when were done, I just wanna feel youre hands all over my body”

Lil Wayne- “Lollipop”:

I make her feel right when it’s wrong like lying
Man, she ain’t never had a love like mine
And man I ain’t never seen an ass like hers
And that pussy in my mouth had me loss for words
Told her back it up like erp erp
And I made that ass jump like jerk, jerk
And that’s when she lick me like a lollipop (oh yeah I like that)

Not to mention the Internet is used to lure teens to meeting and having sex. So whether you are religious or not; even if you THINK you know it all when it comes to SEX and what is happening in your child’s life, the book Before It’s Too Late, is to be used as an information guide or reference guide with what you as a parent, is or should be, already talking to your children about.

Reviewed by Phinesse Demps, Indie Soul Radio 

I really enjoyed reading Dr. Overton’s book “Before It’s Too Late”.  It was informative and I gained new insight.  I have always told my teen boys they can come to me, my husband or another trusted adult with any problems or concerns, but after reading her book I have different ways/ideas on how to approach certain questions. It’s a must read book for all parents, and individuals who work with teens.

Lashantelle Harrison, RN,  Rockville, MD


*Reviews were obtained for the original version of Before It’s Too Late